We have three shooting venues, two indoor and one outdoor, which means members can shoot all year round!


Here are all the details of when and where you’ll find us…

When shooting on the field: ALL safety borders/signs must be set up; there MUST be at least two ADULT members present; if only two members are present one MUST be look-out while the other shoots and vice versa, if both members wish to shoot, a third person MUST be on site as look-out. A junior cannot be a look-out.

Brookfield Community School

Start of September until end of April

Wednesday evenings

Two sessions: 6pm – 7.30pm and 7.30pm – 9pm

Post code: SO31 7DU (not SatNav checked)

West Hill Park School

Start of September until end of April

Monday evenings 8.00pm until 10.00pm

Post code: PO14 4BS (not SatNav checked)

Hunts Pond Recreation Ground

Typically starts at the beginning of May until end of August but may be extended if weather permits

Wednesday evenings circa 6pm until dusk

Friday evenings circa 6pm until dusk

Sunday mornings 10am (end time varies, typically circa 12-1pm)

Post code: PO14 4PF (not SatNav checked – this is the post code for the pub opposite the gate)

How to find us at Brookfield

Park in the main school car park and head toward the reception building (signposted). Continue past the reception building into a quad of buildings where you turn left. Continue ahead and you will see a building signed as the gym and “Block F”. Go into the door that’s on your left as you face the sign, continue along the corridor, at the end you’ll find the gym doors to your right.

Important: if shooting is in progress do not enter until three whistle have been blown to mark the end of shooting. When you enter the gym do not walk in front of the shooting line (if you’re unsure ask any of the archers you’ll find near the door, they’ll help you).

How to find us at West Hill

First thing, don’t go to the main school entrance in St Margaret’s Lane, use the entrance off of Common Lane. The entrance is a bit hidden but you’ll find it on the north side of Common Lane. Turn into the school, turn right immediately after the second speed bump, signed for the “Sports Hall”, which is the large blue building you’ll see as you follow the road to the left. Come in the main doors of the hall and take the door to the left of the stairs and you’ll find the door into the hall in the changing room.

Important: While shooting is in progress the door into the hall remains shut. Wait for the three whistles that indicate shooting has stopped, open cautiously and only enter the hall if shooting has stopped and it’s safe to proceed.

How to find us “on the field”

Drive up or down Hunts Pond Road and you will come across the Sir Joseph Paxton pub, Hunts Pond Recreation Ground is opposite. You will see a short driveway with a metal barred gate in a bright yellow metal frame. Stop in the driveway to open the gate (if the gate is locked the field is too wet for cars, please park on the road). Bring your car into the field and close the gate behind you. You must put your hazard warning lights on before driving on the field. Drive at a slow walking pace keeping the fence close to your left, Follow the fence around to the blue safety rope, then follow that until you reach other members car where you can park.

Important: if shooting is in progress stay behind the equipment line until three whistles have been blown to mark the end of shooting. All normal safety rules and conduct apply, if you are unsure please ask any member for assistance or informatiuon.

The Talisman Worm Charming Society in action!

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