Looking for a club?

If you’ve explored our site you’ll know that membership of Talisman Bowmen brings you the opportunity to shoot across three venues, which means you get to shoot all year, indoors and out.

Our club coaches can help you with your general development or any specific aspects of form you may be working on, or if you prefer you can simply shoot – but it’s good to know help is on hand should you want it.

In addition to the regular club sessions we run occasional archery workshops as and when members feel the need. These informal workshops usually run on a Saturday and cover all manner of tuning and related matters from adjusting the pressure button to an introduction to string making.

All the right affiliations

Talisman Bowmen are affiliated with Archery GB, Southern Counties Archery Society (SCAS) and Hampshire Archery Association (HAA). Through these affiliations we bring suitable club insurance, however, all members MUST be current/paid-up members of Archery GB, which provides them with personal archer’s insurance, you cannot shoot at the club unless you are a member of Archery GB.

What are the costs?

These are the annual costs of membership. The membership year runs from 1st April  to 31st March. Those joining part way through the current membership year will pay pro-rata club membership fees. If you want to check on pro-rata rates for the time of year please use our contact page to contact the Treasurer.


Talisman Bowmen membership fee: £80.00

Affiliation fees (Archery GB/SCAS/HAA): £60.00


Talisman Bowmen membership fee: £35.00

Affiliation fees (Archery GB/SCAS/HAA): £23.00

What does that give you?

The affiliation fees provide insurance cover while you are shooting at the club and in competition. The Talisman Bowmen fee covers club running costs, equipment and venues. There are no additional costs related to your year’s membership, you don’t have to pay anything “on the night”, you just turn up and shoot. This provides you with about 150 shooting opportunities a year!

Club regalia

The club currently has an enamel badge and an embroidered cloth badge, both are available from the Equipment Officers or the Treasurer. We also periodically order club shirts and jackets.

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What are our members shooting

Barebows (long/flat/horse)